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Welcome to our website; the best choice for all your business formation, QuickBooks Needs, taxation, and business valuation needs.

Unlike many of our competitors and indeed other businesses, who would have you believe they are selling you a magic bullet for your business problems, we are realists; we understand business, and we recognize that like Rome, your company wasn’t built in a day.
Based in Austell, Georgia, and bringing you many years of comprehensive experience in our field, our team of highly trained professionals can bring you the absolute best management to all your business, financial, and taxation needs. We’ve worked with the big leagues, with an impressive client base stretching up to the from coast to coast. And unlike other competing service providers, we’re not just the ‘hired help’; we work closely alongside you as a partner, giving you the unique touch, your business needs.

As a fast-growing business consulting firm, we can provide a wide range of professionally delivered services, including:

* Business and Individual Tax Services.

* Business Valuation.

* Project management and consulting.

* QuickBooks needs and business formation services.

In fact, we’re one of the very few consulting firms who can confidently offer you the full package of business services, making us stand head and shoulders above the rest. Our comprehensive coverage of business issues means no-hassle finding multiple providers simply to keep your books in order. And coupled with our practice is our transparent pricing; we guarantee there are no hidden fees or surprises.

Our Philosophy

Our ‘can-do’ attitude is embedded in each and every one of us; it runs in our very veins. We never shy away from a challenge. In fact, we tailor our approach to fit any business, and we’ve perfected our skills to adapt to anything that happens in the fast-paced world of commerce and services.
Three words sum up the core of our business; Experience, Excellence, and Expertise!

These three E’s are what we apply to every one of our business practices, ensuring we bring you the most cutting-edge service possible. After all, why would you want anything less?

* Experience:

With our help behind you, you’ll never be in the dark on your business ventures. We’re experts at proactively managing your tax issues and can give you an in-depth analysis about how your upcoming opportunities are likely to affect your tax.

* Excellence:

You’ll always know exactly where you stand. All of our team members are fully trained and their knowledge refreshed to understand all forms of tax legislation, both old and new.

* Expertise:

Our expertly tuned business insight will ensure you always make the best decision for your company, offering you a unique perspective to allow you to cover all the angles.

Our Reliable Approach

Data Security: We utilize cloud-based technology to ensure your information is safe and secure. No information is shared with third parties.

Peace of Mind: Unlike the reactive approach, we believe in utilizing a proactive approach to ensure efficiency and complete peace of mind in managing your business.

Business Advisor: We’re more than just a tax advisory. We understand that nothing can ever be perfect, and we are always striving to find a more innovative and simpler way to tackle existing problems.

Best Value: A technology culture within our workers allows us to develop some of the most ingenious and well-respected solutions to all of our clients, and deliver our services flawlessly. We hate hidden surprises and are always transparent when it comes to discussing pricing structures.

Tech-savvy and adaptable:
We love technology and we strive to provide the most advanced services to our clients. In today’s world, you need the best help you can get, and we know you’ll not settle for less. Thus, we only hire the most highly trained experts and only work with state-of-the-art software and tools.

We take pride in our work, and we love what we do.
Please browse our services and let us shed brand-new light on your business. Your company formation matters, so let us do what we do best!

  Notary/Mobile Notary
  The reliable notary service on wheels!

Are you in need of binding contracts, mortgage loan document signing, legal or medical documents notarized? We are just one phone call away!

Phone: 678-524-9693

Email: GandWConsultingllc@gmail.com
  Business Tax Preparation

If you have a corporation (S or C) or a non-profit and are wanting a more personal approach to understanding your tax filing, we help educate you on these complex returns. It is important to us that you understand your returns and how the numbers have been reported. Because we have clients that are corporations and non-profits, we are experienced in handling these types of financial reporting. Tax preparation fees -contact us.

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  Tax Preparation

What do you do when Turbo Tax and that other canned tax software seem too confusing? One of our specialties is complex individual tax returns. That means we are familiar with high-net-worth individuals that have a small business, rental property, investments, tuition, alternative minimum tax, and much more. Sometimes you just need to leave it up to the professionals! With a quick turnaround time and e-filing, tax consulting, and management, we guide you to the perfect tax balance.

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  Business Entity Structure & Planning Advice
  Business Entity Selection and Setup

Get it right the first time.

One of the most important decisions you make when starting a new business is the choice of entity. Selecting the right entity can provide the best protection and tax benefits. Whether you are starting your first business or one of many, G and W Consulting Group is ready to help you set up your company and stay compliant from day one.

* Sole Proprietorship

* Partnership

* Corporation (includes S Corp)

* Limited Liability Company (LLC)

* Non-Profit (501C3, C4)


Starting at $99.00 For state setup and Federal EIN

Starting $299.00 With Tax Planning and entity tax comparison

Let G and W Consulting Group determine which legal structure will best suit your business. Call us at 678-524-9693 to get started.
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  Phone: 678-524-9693
Email: GandWConsultingllc@gmail.com
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